What is your WHY?

If you’re going to make any long lasting changes you have to know your why.  Why do you want to make healthier lifestyle choices?  What does your ideal healthy lifestyle look like? Is it to lose weight? To reverse arthritis symptoms? To overcome fatigue? Maybe your family has a history of cancer and you’d like to avoid that yourself. Or maybe your children have ADD or ADHD symptoms. Knowing your why will help your how and what be more impactful and longer lasting.

My health goals are not going to be your health goals, nor should they be. My job is not to teach you how to eat like me, but to help you understand how what you eat is going to effect your body. Then you can make your own decisions about what your health goals are.

I’ve been through the darkest abyss of hell in my health challenges, and knowing that I never want to go there again is more than enough reason for me to make wiser health decisions everyday. Knowing that I could have avoided all my suffering by making healthier decisions when I was younger is mind blowing to me.

You can decide what you want your future health to look like by making healthier choices today.

What is your Why? What is going to help you keep you going towards your ideal healthy lifestyle?