Our bodies are affected by what we eat. When we give it food full of nutrition it can function properly and heal. When we give it junk food it will malfunction, known as dis-ease. Some foods are full of good nutrition, like blueberries and kale. Other foods are not, like fast food french fries and potato chips.

Nutrients are what nourishes are body to help it thrive and heal. There are vitamins and minerals and there are miconutrients and macronutrients. Products like white refined sugar are completely devoid of having any nutrients to offer our bodies. If something we eat has no nutritional value to offer, it depletes our bodies of nutrients just in order to be digested!

Our bodies need specific nutrients and vitamins and minerals to be able to function optimally. We are not all born equal, nutritionally speaking. When I was younger I used to get sick, a lot. I hated being sick more than anything in the world! If someone would have told me I could have been sick less just by eating healthier, I would have changed my eating habits in a heartbeat. If someone would have told me I could have gotten rid of my panic attacks by changing the way I eat, I would have changed my eating habits right then and there. I'm not suggesting all health concerns will go away by only changing the way we eat. I am suggesting that our health concerns will improve greatly by giving our bodies more of the nutrients it needs.

Underneath every symptom, disease, condition, etc. there is a root cause. Diseases, mild and extreme, are all caused by three things: deficiencies & malnutrition, toxins and/or heavy metals, and infections {viral, bacterial, and fungal}.

I can help you learn how you can heal and prevent disease long term. By changing what I ate I have been able to help my body heal from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions, and you can too. You can read about all the illnesses I've overcome here.

What we choose to put in and on our body will either bring us closer to good health or it will bring us to ill health. When some people hear that they tell me, “Well we’re all going to die someday so I just want to enjoy what I eat.” While that is true, that yes we will all pass on from this life, because of our choices some will suffer so much more than necessary because they made poor health choices.

When you start to see health is a choice and that you can change your health outcome, it becomes easier to choose healthier options. We can prevent and avoid debilitating diseases like Alzeheimer’s, Depression, Chron’s, etc. Even genetic diseases we can prevent.

The funny thing about life is you can’t pay for good health. It is priceless. And when you’ve experienced really really bad health, to the point where you can’t get up off the couch to take care of yourself, you will do almost anything to have good health again.

I don’t believe our health is entirely what we’ve created ourselves. Health is generational. What you do for your health will affect your kids and your grandkids, and so forth. I do believe however, that we have so much more control over our health then most people realize.

I’m not here to shame anyone. I am a firm believer that any amount of good you can do today for your health is enough. My health goals will not be your health goals, and that is totally ok! I promise I’m not perfect at eating healthy. So many of my friends will say something like, “You’re going to be so disappointed in me that I’m eating or drinking this!” And I reply, “Nope! Because I totally get it. I understand that eating healthy and choosing the best thing for your body can be difficult.”

The last thing I want you to do is beat yourself up for where you wish you were at. That’s not helpful to anyone!

I know all too well that it can become overwhelming very quickly, when you hear about this ingredient or that ingredient and how we shouldn’t be ingesting it, etc. etc. Focus on the one thing you CAN do this day, this week, this month. And even if you make only one good change that you’re consistent in everyday, you will be so much further ahead than you were yesterday.

You can do it. I know you can.

We can help our bodies heal, inside and outside, with good nutrition and getting rid of toxins. Our bodies are designed to heal, on their own. If they are given proper nutrition, they can heal. Sometimes, like in my case, it’s not just a matter of only good nutrition. For many people the case is becoming - give proper nutrition and remove toxins and heavy metals, THEN and only then will your body heal.

There’s an old saying that goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” What this means is in order to help your body heal, it will require ten times the amount of vitamins and minerals necessary, then it would to just prevent the disease and protect itself. Recovering our bodies from unwanted symptoms and most diseases is possible.

Almost every debilitating disease that I can think of, I know someone who has healed from it. Some are harder to believe than others, I know. But it has happened before, why not again?

I know it’s easy to be skeptical of those who have healed from debilitating diseases naturally. Be willing to ask the deeper questions, and push a little further to find the answers. They are available when you’re ready.

“Those who cherish life and understand that wonderful rewards await those who pursue true health realize that the efforts are all worth while. Each person must make up his own mind as to whether he wants health and wants to take the effort to achieve health or if he wants disease and the consequences.” Humbart Santillo.