If you've looked into chelating {removing heavy metals from the body} even a little bit, you have most likely discovered that there are several different methods and protocols.

IV chelation, TRS spray, Medical Medium's Heavy Metal Detox Drink, and several other different methods are fairly well known throughout the health world. I have personally tried all of them, and I have unsurprisingly studied all of them in depth.

Unfortunately when you start studying health, especially something so specific like chelating, you are at the mercy of advertising dollars at work. If you do just a little bit of studying about these different protocols you will discover that scientifically TRS spray is NOT a chelator. It can move mercury and other heavy metals around in the body, but it cannot remove them from the body. What's worse, is it will move the heavy metals around and deposit it somewhere else in the body. The organs that are targeted the most by mercury and other heavy metals are the brain, the liver, and the adrenals. Other organs are effected as well, but these are targeted the most.

In common heavy metal detox drinks, some of the main ingredients are chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, and even chlorophyll. Again, it is unfortunate that it is not widely understood that these are NOT chelators. They cannot remove mercury and heavy metals from the body, but they will move it around thus causing difficult redistribution symptoms, meaning the mercury is being moved around through the blood and distributed somewhere else in the body.

I know several people who have experienced severe damage by trying these types of advertised chelating protocols. My goal is not to scare you, but to help make more people aware BEFORE anything worse happens. Mercury and heavy metal toxicity is hard enough mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. without adding the extra burden of making your body worse.

According to Andy Cutler and his countless hours of research and in helping hundreds of thousands of people heal, he discovered there are three chelators that can effectively and efficiently remove mercury and other heavy metals from the body. DMSA, DMPS, and ALA are the three chelators. They are natural, not man made, and they are very effective, even at very low doses. ALA {alpha lipoic acid}, is the only chelator that can remove mercury and other heavy metals from the brain.

In Andy Cutler's protocol it is crucial to start at low doses with these chelators. There are specific steps that one must take in order to chelate properly, without making symptoms worse. Taking ALA at irregular times, i.e. once a day,  can exacerbate symptoms quickly. I have experienced that, and I do not wish those symptoms upon anyone. It was a hellish nightmare, until I discovered what I was doing wrong, and stopped taking ALA irregularly. You'll find that ALA is in a lot of different health supplements. It is an excellent supplement, absolutely, but if you have a significant amount of mercury and other heavy metals in you, it will bring a world of hurt.

In Healing With Stacy's Chelating Course, you will discover the proper protocol to remove heavy metals effectively and efficiently. You will learn that you do not have to live with horrible symptoms everyday for the rest of your life. Realizing that you're not alone in your health struggles and that you can overcome them is one of the best feelings in the world.

Learn more about who should chelate here, and a simple overview of how chelating works here. Join the Chelating Course here.