The unfortunate thing about mercury and other heavy metals, is that they can be the root cause of so many diseases and disorders.  Mental health, digestive health, etc. will all be affected by heavy metals.

On the front of Andy Cutler’s Amalgam Illness book, he has a lengthy, and not comprehensive list, of debilitating diseases caused by Mercury.  Autoimmune diseases, Alzheimers’ disease, Endocrine problems, Rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic fatigue, Crohn’s diseases, sleep disorders, and many more are all on the front of that book.

Though Amalgams {silver dental fillings} are not the only exposure to merucry and other heavy metals, it is the most prominent. The symptoms caused from amalgams and other sources of mercury and other heavy metals can be improved and reversed, if those suffering from them would chelate.  It is my personal opinion that over 90% of the learning disorders would disappear if those who suffered from them would chelate and improve their diet.  Things like ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, etc would become almost unheard of.  

Yes, chelating takes time, and a little trial and error to help things go more smoothly. One choice is to leave the mercury in and continue to suffer, while also continuing to get worse. But I would gladly trade the amount of time it does take to chelate for a lifetime of good health.