My Mercury Poisoning Story

Four months after delivering my 2nd baby, January 7th, of 2010, my world turned upside down, and the worst nightmare I could have ever imagined ensued.

January 7th, 2010, the worst panic attack like feeling began. There are no words to describe the hell that came over me. It was the Perfect Storm inside my small, framed body. I had had panic attacks before, since I was about seven, and this was a panic attack on Steroids. It was like some drug had been injected in me and I was shaking violently, I could not fall asleep for 3 days straight, my hair was falling out in globs, I couldn’t sit or focus because my thoughts were racing 1,000 miles a minute, and I had no appetite whatsoever and would become nauseous if presented with food. I remember trying to sit at my dinner table with my family and I couldn’t last one minute sitting because of the turmoil inside. I used to tell others that on a scale of 1-10 my anxiety was 1 million. There are no words to describe the pure and utter HELL that I was experiencing.

A few months later I was hit with vertigo and tinnitus that still have not left me, these past thirteen years, though they have improved tremendously over the years. I would get so sick trying to sit down to change my new baby’s diaper. I had the most intense stomach pains I could imagine. The weeks followed and every morning I would wake up feeling like I had had a bat taken to my whole body. Every inch of me hurt but I had no bruising. It's one of the worst kinds of illnesses because only you can feel it, but no one can see it. This feeling continued on, with more uncomfortable symptoms being added almost daily. Constant diarrhea, my hair was falling out in chunks, my muscles being fatigued all the time even though I did no exercise, and more mysterious symptoms.

About this time my symptoms started to intensify. I started losing too much weight. I am 5'4.5" and usually weigh somewhere around 115. I lost over 20 pounds within a few months. I had people coming up to me at church wondering if I was okay. I tried to tell people I was, but they could clearly see I wasn't. People close to me accused me of "eating too healthy," saying I needed to go back to how I used to eat. I hadn't changed my diet in over two years. At one appointment, early in 2010 my naturopathic doctor recommended testing for heavy metals. He tested for everything except Mercury. {One thing to also note is that it is almost guaranteed that you have mercury poisoning if you have more than two amalgams, known as silver fillings. I had eight. I have since removed them all SAFELY, as of November 2021}. Mercury poisoning is also tied to an overgrowth of Candida, which he tested me for. The test came back positive. I was scared to death. I had studied and read many things about what Candida could do to your body. My anxiety was off the charts as it was. This did not help.

My most difficult symptoms to deal with to date started at this point: the sharpest stomach pain I could ever imagine (I remember sitting in my car in a grocery store parking lot bawling because I did not know what the pain was and I needed help. No doctors- naturopathic, mainstream, etc.- were finding any causes), insomnia, debilitating depression, anxiety (on a scale of 1-10 it was 1,000,000+, this is NOT an exaggeration), extreme adrenal fatigue (for many months I laid on the couch. I would homeschool my daughters from the couch for days on end), lung infections (incredibly painful), arthritis, diarrhea (it was so often I knew my body was not absorbing as much as I needed to heal), hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, (one doctor said I was borderline type 2 diabetic- and that's without ever eating ANY refined sugar, the only sweetener I ate was honey and that was rare, for over a year!).

One doctor I saw shared with me a book that explained when your levels are too high in one mineral that you will be deficient in these others. For mercury if your levels are high, you will be deficient in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, iron, manganese, molybdenum, calcium, potassium, and a few others. It dawned on me that had I been raised on a better diet, or taken vitamins and minerals, my body would not have been so  deficient in those vital minerals that I possibly could have avoided this tragic nightmare. The old adage is true, “An ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure.” In other words it takes SO much longer to try and heal, and so many more vitamins and minerals than it does to prevent illness.

For about two years I raised my two babies from the couch. I have no idea how I survived that time. It was hell, and it was not over yet. We went into over $10,000 in debt trying to find doctor after doctor to help. I finally realized none of them were going to be able to help me. For many weeks, ever since my body started to feel horrible after I had my second daughter, I started studying every symptom in my body. Why was I feeling this? What did this mean? I studied many days for upwards of 10 hours. I couldn't read all the scientific documents and articles fast enough. I studied healing, nutrition, supplements, chemistry, biology, herbology, plants, etc. This continued for over 2 years, starting in January 2010 - this in depth, 10 hour days, voracious studying about health.  

I remember seeing another health practitioner who offered a live blood analysis, and compounded his own supplements. Before I left his office he filled my arms with as many supplements as I could carry and said let me know how you're feeling. It was a few years later when he told me that he did not expect to ever see me back. He did not think I would make it. He said my blood was the worst blood he had ever seen. He's traveled all over the world offering live blood analysis. I remember driving home from his office bawling and thanking God for good people in my life.

Two years later my sister started having bad symptoms and she discovered Andy Cutler’s Chelation method. After having my amalgams removed, {unsafely - I can’t tell you how much I regret that. Don’t EVER get them removed unsafely. You will waste so much time and money, not to mention have horrible symptoms because of it}, I started to chelate. I started chelating with ALA, which is one of the chelators that is used on the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol. Within a couple of months my anxiety went from 1 million to a 3 on the scale of 1-10. Many of my other symptoms improved as well such as my digestion was improving, the muscle fatigue lessened, and more, but I had to stop because it started getting really hard on round. It would make my anxiety worse, and several other symptoms when I was on round. Ten years later I learned the hard way that I still had FIVE amalgam specks in my teeth, which is why chelating had become harder for me. You CANNOT chelate with any amount of amalgam {silver filling specks} in your mouth. It is Detrimental to your health!

Early 2011- A year passed. I began to see a different doctor in the same naturopathic doctor's office. She showed me how the previous doctor had tested every metal except mercury. We immediately tested for mercury. My levels were off the charts. One thing to note about mercury is it doesn't stick around in your blood. It stores in your brain, your liver, and all your other organs. Anything it touches it starts to destroy. It didn't go from system to system. It attacked all my systems at once. My digestive system, nervous, cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, respiratory, etc. It wreaked havoc in ALL. One especially interesting story about how it affected my skeletal system. I read once in my studies that when the blood becomes too toxic that your body will take bone marrow and put it into your bloodstream to counteract the toxicity. During those first two years my wrists shrunk. They literally shrunk.
When testing for mercury poisoning there are several things to be aware of. Because mercury doesn't stick around in the blood, blood tests are not accurate. They can't test how much mercury is stored in your organs. Hair mineral analysis is the most accurate, but yes even that can be inaccurate. The most accurate test is to do a round of chelating with the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol. Learn more about that here. Join my Chelting Mercury Course here.

3/2011- After my test results came back positive for mercury poisoning I started IV chelation. After several months of doing IV chelation rounds my anxiety became so severe I could not drive anymore. I kept on thinking that things had to get a little worse before they got better. I wish I had had the wisdom to stop before I did. It took 6 years for me to be OK with driving on the main roads again.
The anxiety was so bad I could not function at all. I could not ride in cars; I could barely leave the house. It took all my strength to sit in church. I felt trapped and so helpless. I would get in the car and cry the whole way home.

2017- Fast forward 6 years- The vertigo and tinnitus are the symptoms that have stuck with me the longest. They have never left, the past seven years. My anxiety has improved 1,000 times over! I can function. The biggest issue I still deal with is my adrenal fatigue. I miss running. I have improved tremendously and I'm thankful for the healing I have had. I still have a ways to go but I know how to help my body improve.

Today, January 2023 - My chelation journey is not over though I have improved TREMENDOUSLY. I chelated improperly, with IV chelation, and I also chelated with amalgams still in my mouth, which is a HUGE mistake. These setbacks extended my chelating greatly.

These are ALL of the symptoms I have overcome from the effects of Mercury Poisoning:

{the symptoms with an * by them are the symptoms I’m working on overcoming as of 1/17/23}

Debilitating anxiety, *Extreme adrenal fatigue {though I’m still working on healing this fully. I was never diagnosed with Addison’s disease, but it would not surprise me if I had it}, Chronic diarrhea, Extreme hair loss, Debilitating stomach pain, Numb limbs {I describe it as if my limbs feel like they’re not attached to my body}, Circulation disorders, Pre-type 2 diabetes, Chronic headaches, Chronic insomnia, Life threatening depression, Fibromyalgia, *Extremely itchy skin, Cholestasis, Light sensitivity, Sound/noise sensitivity, Acidic blood, Extreme acid reflux, Anemia, Gastritis, Intestinal inflammation, Extreme chest pain, Allergies {food and seasonal}, Parasites, Extreme loss of appetite, Back pain, Lung infections, High blood pressure, Canker sores, Night sweats, Chills and poor circulation, Candida, Warts, Yeast infections, Chronic UTI’s, PCOS, Extreme panic attacks, Muscle spasms, Extreme cramping, *Skin disorders {petechiae}, Chronic ear infections, Chronic sinus infections, Extreme lymphatic congestion, Hypothyroidism, Sluggish feeling {as if your body weighs as much as an elephant}, Hypoglycemia, Kidney infections, *Vertigo, *Tinnitus, Extreme and chronic nausea, Nervousness, Internal tremors, Heart palpitations, Social anxiety, Pleurisy, Mouth sores, Sinusitis, Spasmodic cough, Difficulty breathing {also known as air hunger. NOT asthma}, Facial tics, Stye, Attention disorders, Brain fog, Muscle fatigue with no exertion, Chronic pain.

The reason I want to share my story the most is because I want it to be a ray of hope to someone who may be suffering like I was. What I want you to feel and know as you read my story, is that you are not alone in your suffering. There is hope! Even though chelating and eating a healthy diet can seem overwhelming and not worth the effort at times, just knowing how far I’ve come in my health, and the symptoms that I have overcome {which are MANY!}, is plenty of motivation for me to continue on as I keep healing and rediscovering new levels of health. Follow me on my journey, here on my website and IG, as I continue to heal, and where you can share your health journey too!

To find more stories of inspiration and healing from those who have healed through the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol read them here.

To find more stories of inspiration and healing from those who have healed through the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol read them here.